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There is a stream of thought that has recently become more intense among some larger websites that have in the past been compared with the dreaded, “content farm” status allegedly developed by Google to identify some websites that do not provide extreme value to its readers.

Some of these websites, include, Ezine Articles, and a lot of other article directory websites, AKA, allegedly (content farms) now to combat this rather vague determination a lot of these websites have instituted stringent guides that are said to increase the value of the content being offered, much of these guides is said to eliminate 90 percent, (allegedly) of average readable content.

It would be nice if we were all English Majors and used perfect English in all our thoughts and all our conversations, but that is not the real world.

In the real world much of the way we communicate is in an average dialog, much like many books read, we like the familiar, we like the normal, it is comforting, so when you start to see something that is not normal being presented as if it were normal, then you have to begin to wonder how so many content creators can make the assumption that all content must now be perfect, but that is not what the real world is like.

When you look at a New York Times best seller, and you see mistakes, in the editing, knowing that a book is also not perfect, it just makes sense that website content will also often have some level of mistakes, since people are by our very natures not perfect, the idea of finding perfection in a websites language is just well silly.

So, in the short term, this idea of perfect content may seem like a good thing but once, the people begin to navigate away from some of these “perfect” websites, because the content may not be logical or even understandable, “human readable” we think that eventually what will happen is that Google and other search engines like Bing, will change the way they rank websites.

Personally we just like the idea of being human and so free to speak as a human speaks.

We think it just makes sense to be normal and understandable…

Developing your wordpress blog

Keeping up your skills and knowledge base is all about learning what you can do with wordpress.

When you first begin to develop a website using wordpress the first thing you should be doing is to do keyword research.

Did you know that almost 70 percent of all wordpress website operators and owners do not know how to setup a wordpress website.

Setting up your wordpress blog is a task not for the faint of heart.

Now you might want to read in detail about this subject because it is a deep one.

To get your blog up and running the right way it can take up to one week and several hours of work.

Keeping up with the technology super highway is not as hard as you once imagined, so we have to ask.

Why use an expensive under powered alternative when you can have it all at your finger tips…

If you are interested in using word press to generate and create a website you are not alone.

Word press is one of the most interesting and viable open source software solutions today.

Developing for word press is a very rewarding and fast paced industry, in fact there are millions of wordpress websites out there today and more every day.

The thing is and this is something you should be aware of, with the recent speculation concerning open office and oracle, some say that it may just be a matter of time before wordpress turns the tables on all the free loaders.

WordPress is a CMS and it is also much more, with plugins you can turn a wordpress blog into just about anything you want.

Membership websites.

Sales and Ecommerce websites.

Blogs and more.

One of the most important considerations is how you decide to manage your software and the type of server you want to use.

Designing that theme and graphics, along with article content is one of the most important things you can do.

Still there are so many things that go into successfully running a wordpress website.

Content is just one small part, but it is very important.
Developing content that is easy to read and valuable to the reader is perhaps the most important part of all.

Creating Content, updating, editing and learning.

Learning is a continuing process it does not stop…

It does not wait until the sky is blue…

It only waits for you…

Have you changed the way you develop content for your website?

Developing content and editing that content to make it better, it is a process that should never stop.

One of the most important things you can do in developing good content is to never stop editing it,

content is not a dead thing it is alive as long as you water it from time to time with the love of a patient farmer of words.


Content, it is apparent that it is more important than ever before to develop and implement clean original content.

Publishing is all about what you write and how you write it.

Developing content is all about a process,
call it a method of developing that content.

Learning how to update content and edit that content.

Content is no longer king if this is true then one might logically ask just what is king now?

Upgraded content, that is fresh new, and real that is what is king, and it will only be king as long as that content is truly valuable to the reader.

Designing content for blogging can be a challenge, but for the most part it is not that difficult, of the methods that you can use to create content the best thing is to use a conversational tone of voice.

Do you have a natural talent for writing creatively?

Can you write or create stories, content and more?

Then you would be a natural for developing content and selling it to others.

Creative writing, perhaps is one of the most challenging of things for some people to do, others, seem to do it with no effort at all.

How hard is creating content that will attract website visitors to your website?

One of the most challenging things about blogging and writing is the method of creating content.

Consistent content, that is how you create the best content in the world, using our plug-ins, you can get more done in less time leaving you the time you need to do the things that are really important…

Want to see some of the benefits.

This is one of the most over looked things in blogging today, yet, you do not hear much about it, why?

It may be because it is a closely guarded secret of successful bloggers…

Dofollow, what it means to your SEO linking strategy…

Build SEO Backlinks…

Publishing your content is all about being original, so never copy other people because you are your best writing talent…

Content is king, we have all heard that before but you what know it is still true…

It is still what makes the internet world go round.

Content can be many different things, and in many cases, that content does not even have to be your content, but it is better if you do your own…

Lets look at book marking SEO, you may have heard about the latest and greatest book marking concept, where you go out into the social world and you create book marks that link back to your website, now that does work but it is work. . .

Now there is a new twist on this SEO strategy, and dont blink because you will miss it, …

Are you ready for this,…

It is bookmarking your book marks…

I know it sounds crazy but believe it or dont, that is the latest and greatest source of back linking using SEO social bookmarks to book mark your links back to your website.

Will it work, perhaps, but you know what, an original article just like this one, will always perform better in the long run than all these tricks designed to get the search engines to work for you by back linking the back links to the links to your website, confused..

Sure I know I am, but as I sit here writing this short article, I know that the search engines will like my article much more than any silly backing link back link…

Think about it, in time it takes to book mark three websites, I have created original content that is more valuable to the search engines than spending one hour doing all that clicking…

Stay tuned, because we have some good stuff coming your way…

Subscription to content…

Creating content has just become 1000 percent more profitable.


If you have been watching how the internet has been developing over the last few years you know that every year, around the first two months of the year, new technology is revealed that usually causes a buzz.

Everything is about to change and if you are not aware of that change you may be left behind.

Life is about change yet most people do not want to change, after all it is difficult to change.

Most change is forced upon us because we get too comfortable in living life as it is.

So Why is Subscription content dying a languishing death?

This is a question that many a Guru would like to understand better, if they did they would likely design their products differently, however, the problem exists in such magnitude that it is impossible to deny.

Subscriptions to content always fails in the long run.

Why is it that membership websites fail?

One of the most important things you can do for your website is to develop content, and update that content on a regular basis.

This is a big subject more so with the recent huge launch and apparent (alleged) failure of said launch.

The art of subscription retention is a difficult thing, in fact in many ways it is an impossible option to maintain.

Retention is one of the most difficult aspects of just about any large business or corporate network.

It is the art of maintaining a force in a constant direction.

The idea here is a simple one, this is your basic physics problem, as proved by most physicists, perpetual motion is a myth.

It simply does not exist, you can help it along, perhaps even add some magnetic fields to improve your dynamics, but in the end motion is contingent on a sustained path and force driving that path, and the subscription model, for web services simply has failed, even Amazon will tell you that much just have a look at the forums and you will see what we say.

So, is there a way, well in a word No, there is no way, but you can merely extend the time that the subscription lasts.

Eventually what goes up must come down.

It is as simple as that the law of Internet Gravity, says that what goes up must come down, that is why this latest and greatest Guru Launch of good ol unkie Andy will fail, for the very obvious reason that it is a revenue based on the wrong model, any MB, will tell you that you cannot base your main revenue stream on selling to the wholesale market.

Sadly, this is no different than any of the other incarnations of the past that have also failed.

One of the reasons why is that we are human, this is something that cannot be avoided, however,

we can guard against this type of behavior.

Blogging and posting online

Developing website content on multiple wordpress websites.

Do you run multiple websites?

Do you publish to multiple publishing platforms every day?

Multiple WordPress websites are more than just a dream they are a reality for many writers and publishers.

This creates a real challenge for the word-press enthusiast.

Imagine for a moment that you are an internet publisher and you have to post every day on a website or else you don’t get paid.

Would you be able to get that job done on time?

I want you to think about that because some times things come up and you just do not have the time needed to get it done.

updating and posting

Method blogging is all about SEO it is

The secret method that is right in front of your face.

every time you log into wordpress it is there waiting for you to see it and start using it, yet 95 percent of all wordpress users do not see it and fail to take advantage of this simple yet effective strategy.

When you edit a post, you have to go through the process of setting the time and day of the post, otherwise it is of no use to update that post.

The process of posting to wordpress is not really hard, however, writing and then editing can be difficult you have to be able to think differently when you are editing content, however, it is not impossible and it is definitely rewarding.

Do you update and post regularly to your website?

Getting the word out and how you can blog your way into the search engines.

Did you know that most people do not even know the basics of updating a website?

Uploading, updating, creating more content, it is all part of what you need to do to get your website noticed by search engines.

Websites need many things, the most important of these is not content but Fresh content.

One of the most important things you can do for your website is to keep it updated, that includes fresh content, fresh posting, fresh content on your pages.

So the question is manifold, how do the search engines, gather information based on a website if it is updated with fresh content on a regular basis?

How does that effect the page rank of a website…

We wanted to understand a few things about how blogging works and why it is so important to keep your website updated, so we started an experiment, we wanted to learn more about what methods would produce more results and which methods would not produce results.

We tested out many different methods, we setup several websites, some we updated on a regular basis others, we just left alone.

What we found was that the more often a website was updated, the more traffic that website received.

This was not a surprise to us, we knew that it only makes sense that the more often a website was updated, the most often that website would show up higher in the search engine rankings, that only makes sense.

The thing is this, we wanted to understand just how important it was, so we took some other websites, and we updated them as often as it made sense, so now we have three sets of websites, one set, we just left alone, the other we created fresh content and updated it often, and the last set of websites, we just updated, without adding content.

As expected, and not surprisingly, we discovered that the website that contained fresh content along with updated content received more traffic, now that may seem like a cool and interesting study, however, what we discovered about this will challenge your beliefs about Google and the high and mighty PR, (page rank for the newbies).

Websites that had a higher PR, but was updated just as often as the lower PR websites, got less traffic than websites with lower PR.

That challenges the belief, that Page rank is the most important things in life, in fact even Google has begun to suggest that the idea that page rank is the be all end all of web master Yoga may not be justified.

In fact our own findings suggested that Page rank may not have nearly as much significance, as we used to think looking at traffic logs, we found that just because the High and mighty google assigned a high PR for a webpage, does not mean that it actually gets good traffic.

What, no way I thought that High PR meant that the website automatically gets traffic like you cant believe.

It gets lots of clicks, it is just the most important thing in the universe.

Surprise, Page rank has almost nothing to do with how much traffic that website gets…

Which is probably one reason why google is moving away from using Page Rank as the defining aspect of how important a website is.

The number one important thing here is that we learn about what is important, and that is traffic.

Traffic means that a website is important, not just what ranking that website has, but how many people find that website useful.

That is the most important part of any website.