Blogs Go Green

Are you allowing dust to grow inside your website?

Developing a green blog is all about recycling.

Will you find a way to go green?

Are you fostering a caring environment for your blog?

Is you blog green friendly or is it consuming valuable gas?

Or Are you wasting valuable space and producing green house gases?

Now you can change all that just by getting a green hosting account and on top of that, we will help you setup a wordpress website. And Give you a cool, wordpress plugin that will help you get traffic to your website. Want to know more, then try get started today using Green hosting by

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Improve your Alexa Ranking

Is it really as difficult to understand why you should want alexa and its server farm behind your website?

Not hard at all, but so few webmasters understand the importance of using the freely available tools at alexa.

We have been hinting around that we have a method, that can help you improve your rankings at alexa, and why that is important, one of the reasons that we don’t get in your face is that we want customers that are willing to work to get what they want, there are plenty of lazy people out there that just want to have it handed to them.

The truth is that no one will ever just hand you anything, you do have to work for what you get.

How Alexa can help your website, if you have not claimed your website at alexa then you are missing out on some great benefits.


If you dont you should…

Did you know that most web masters do not even know how to effectively use Alexa…

In fact 8 of 10 do not even know that you should be using the Alexa tool bar….

Alexa can help you in ways you never even realized, yet, so many do not even know or understand it.

Traffic is all about who visits your site and why they come.

It is amazing but most new wordpress users do not know much about alexa and why they should be using them.

How do you manage your traffic, and how do you identify what is good and what is bad traffic?

Who would not want to improve traffic because More traffic means more revenue now that is just a fact.

But what will you do with the all the traffic you do get?

If you knew how to get more traffic would you be willing to do that?

What if you were presented with a proven method would you do the work required for it to work?

What if I could show you a proven method of increasing your ranking at alexa

You are using Alexa right? I mean you have to know that Alexa is one of the best ways to add value to your website.

Have you claimed your website with Alexa?  if not then you are making a huge mistake.

If you want to get more traffic to your website, then Alexa is definitely one way to do it,

did you know that you can improve your ranking.

Yes, you can, just by using our word press plug in, we can show you proof positive that this works and will work for just about anyone, as long as you use the plugin, it is not for those that do not want to work at all, it will not make you rich, well it might, but we don’t guarantee that, we do promise that you will be able to update your blogs, faster, and in less time.

Watch this video for more information, you are going to love this.

Traffic how to get more traffic

SEO plugins for your wordpress websites.

How can you develop more traffic using a plugin?

What you should be thinking about when you plan your website.

What is the same thing about every offer you have ever seen before?

I mean every time its the same, but the Great and Mighty Gurus do not seem to even understand or do they?

It is dependent on your getting traffic to your website, now ask yourself this how many of these big name gurus have bothered to tell you this?

When thinking about all the things that go into a website,

what is the most important thing?

  • Is it the the design of the website?
  • What about the host where you have your website hosted?
  • Could it be the navigation of the website?

How to create better content using a method of publishing.

The truth is that it is none of those things and while those items are important to a pleasing website.

The truth is that those things make no difference at all.

The truth is if you do not have Traffic, then none of those things matter.

Traffic is the life blood of a website, yet so very often, that aspect of online training courses is “left out”

Forgotten?  No, not at all they know it, these so called, often self professed Gurus, forget to tell you that it is always about the traffic, even the traffic gurus, forget to pass on the real truth about generating traffic.

It takes money, did you think that these gurus, generate lists of thousands of buyers, without spending money?

That is the biggest, Guru Lie, that is told on a Daily basis, they tell you about how much money you can make, they tell you about how great the product is, but they just fail to tell you the one thing that makes it all happen.

That is people, simple, right, so why do they leave it out?

The simple truth is that most people cannot afford to buy traffic at the rate that the Gurus do.

You do not have the clout to make the big guru deals like they can so they don’t teach it.

The simple truth about Online marketing these days is that most of these so called Gurus are just Snake Oil salesmen.

They are Dream Merchants.

People that sell the dream over and over again, with few success stories, and even fewer actual real life financial success stories to show for each of their big guru product launches, otherwise they would show them off, even publishers clearing house gets a picture with the person holding a giant check, when was the last time you saw a Guru do that?

Never, because they sell dreams not reality.

The reality is that without traffic, real qualified, traffic, you know the type where a visitor comes and visits your website, just like they would if they came to your door as a friend and knocked on the door.

You might be thinking that this guy does not like Gurus, well that would be a yes, mostly because I have been around for a while now, “this taint my first rodeo”, yes, I have been taken advantage of probably just like you have, approaching the gates of Gold, with a smile just knowing that you will soon be successful, because you wanted to believe in the dream, you wanted to find the place where all the dreams come true.

That place does exist, but it is not easy to find the path to it.

The same way that traffic is important, the website is also important if you have a dull lifeless design, you may get some traffic but eventually they will tire of the same old same old, and stop coming, and then your dream will die a slow and painful death.

Now before you leave, I want you to get one thing, and since you are still reading this then you have invested some time that is good, because that means that you have been through the Guru Gauntlet, and survived, you are beginning to see through all the Guru lies, sadly it is very difficult for most people to get to this place because they want to believe the guru promises, so badly that they fail to see what is right in front of their faces.

The very real fact that this business requires work.

Yes, I said it the W word, work, work work, there I said it three times now, it requires work, perhaps even perspiration.  If you mouth is hanging open right now close it, before a fly gets in there, (just kidding) but you know what I mean here, the idea that you have to work is a foreign one for most people.

What?  You mean that I have to work?

The money will not just appear in my bank account as if by magic, while I sleep?

Well, ask yourself this, how many Guru products have you purchased?

…. Think of the theme song of Jeopardy playing in the background….

Now I want you to think about how many of those promises you have seen broken….

Every single one, why, because they show you one thing but fail to provide the real deal.

You can sell a dream no problem but in order to make that dream into a reality you have to really work.

Here is another thing, you may have to work really hard to make that dream pay off.

Here is the central truth here, unless you are prepared to work you may as well just give up.

Yes, save your money, because you can do better saving your money in the bank than depending on a Guru product promise, because it is snake oil, it is thin air, it is false promises.

Traffic is what makes it all possible, and yes you do have to have a nice website, and a good host, and a good product, but to make it all work, you need traffic, without traffic none of it works and it never will.

Have a look around, take a look at the videos, see what you can see because this is where the real deal is at, and it is not easy, to get, but it can be found and you can succeed, you may not and you should not expect to get rich over night, but it can happen, if you are prepared to put the sweat and blood, of work into what you do.

Just remember that the next time you see a Guru, offering Riches and Wealth and that sports car in the drive way of that fancy house, just remember that most of the time they live in their mothers basement…

Reality is often not the place you hope to wake up in but it is the only place that is real.

Just remember traffic is the one thing you cannot do without.

Getting your traffic moving in the right direction takes time and effort, you can do it.