Creating Content, updating, editing and learning.

Learning is a continuing process it does not stop…

It does not wait until the sky is blue…

It only waits for you…

Have you changed the way you develop content for your website?

Developing content and editing that content to make it better, it is a process that should never stop.

One of the most important things you can do in developing good content is to never stop editing it,

content is not a dead thing it is alive as long as you water it from time to time with the love of a patient farmer of words.


Content, it is apparent that it is more important than ever before to develop and implement clean original content.

Publishing is all about what you write and how you write it.

Developing content is all about a process,
call it a method of developing that content.

Learning how to update content and edit that content.

Content is no longer king if this is true then one might logically ask just what is king now?

Upgraded content, that is fresh new, and real that is what is king, and it will only be king as long as that content is truly valuable to the reader.

Designing content for blogging can be a challenge, but for the most part it is not that difficult, of the methods that you can use to create content the best thing is to use a conversational tone of voice.

Do you have a natural talent for writing creatively?

Can you write or create stories, content and more?

Then you would be a natural for developing content and selling it to others.

Creative writing, perhaps is one of the most challenging of things for some people to do, others, seem to do it with no effort at all.

How hard is creating content that will attract website visitors to your website?

One of the most challenging things about blogging and writing is the method of creating content.

Consistent content, that is how you create the best content in the world, using our plug-ins, you can get more done in less time leaving you the time you need to do the things that are really important…

Want to see some of the benefits.

This is one of the most over looked things in blogging today, yet, you do not hear much about it, why?

It may be because it is a closely guarded secret of successful bloggers…

Dofollow, what it means to your SEO linking strategy…

Build SEO Backlinks…

Publishing your content is all about being original, so never copy other people because you are your best writing talent…

Content is king, we have all heard that before but you what know it is still true…

It is still what makes the internet world go round.

Content can be many different things, and in many cases, that content does not even have to be your content, but it is better if you do your own…

Lets look at book marking SEO, you may have heard about the latest and greatest book marking concept, where you go out into the social world and you create book marks that link back to your website, now that does work but it is work. . .

Now there is a new twist on this SEO strategy, and dont blink because you will miss it, …

Are you ready for this,…

It is bookmarking your book marks…

I know it sounds crazy but believe it or dont, that is the latest and greatest source of back linking using SEO social bookmarks to book mark your links back to your website.

Will it work, perhaps, but you know what, an original article just like this one, will always perform better in the long run than all these tricks designed to get the search engines to work for you by backlinking the back links to the links to your website, confused..

Sure I know I am, but as I sit here writing this short article, I know that the search engines will like my article much more than any silly backing link back link…

Think about it, in time it takes to book mark three websites, I have created original content that is more valuable to the search engines than spending one hour doing all that clicking…

Stay tuned, because we have some good stuff coming your way…

Recycle your used electrons.

Recycle Reuse Reduce.

Do you recycle your blog?

Do you recycle your content?

Do you recycle your website space?

Blogging is a full time thing, and millions of Americans are doing it every day, if you just added one new article every day that would be 365 post a year, and you really should be adding like 10 to 12 posts a day, so that can add up quickly.

How many posts do you have on your blog, 1000, 2000, 5000,

Are you polluting the internet?

If you are not recycling your used posts then you might well be contributing to the green house gas problem in the form of heat.

Not that you meant to do it, but you may be by accident.

The Three Rs

Recycle Reuse Reduce…

We have what you are looking for a great time saving word press plug in.

Did you know that thousands of blogger’s are polluting the internet?

Recycle your content, don’t let it sit there taking up space that other electrons could be creating.

In a world where every penny counts, an economy that is geared toward waste and excess, running a green website is really important, and we have the solution to your word press plug in needs, or at least one of them, recycle, reuse reduce.

Ok, now you know, if you are not operating a green website, then you are contributing to the electron pollution of the internet.

Lets, make sure that you are not wasting, space on your website, because every single electron that is taking up valuable space is not being green, so do the right thing, use only green plugins.

Have we got a deal for you, and your going to love it because it is the greenest plugin you have ever seen…

Hurry Hurry Hurry,  get your recycled, green plugins, right here, right now, no cap and trade tax yet, it is all good in fact, we can help you reclaim any lost electrons that might be floating around on your website.

Making the maximum use of all your electrons only makes sense.

Is your blog green, or is it using up tons, of energy?  Do you have lots of used electrons just collecting dust on your website then you should do something about it, you should take steps to go green.

We have one of the only green plug ins you can get that will actually save and recycle electrons, in to useful content.

We can help you recycle your old used up electrons that are taking up valuable space on your website.

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