Google on the war path

Do small websites even have a chance in the new Brave Google world.

Will your website business be effected by the changes at Google?

Well, you have likely heard about how google has declared war on low quality websites, it remains unclear if that means smaller mom and pop websites or if they mean those types of websites that are employing tricks to reach the top of the search engines.   Either way, it would behoove an individual to seek out the truth, in order to fully understand how this new ruling effects the websites you operate.

If, Google has decided to terminate your website because it is considered of low quality because your a little fish in a big sea then perhaps it is time to stand in line at the food bank or are there other sources of traffic?

There  have been a few who are throwing up their hands and saying, “you know it is just not worth it”  After you factor in the cost of hosting, the cost of developing a website, the cost of software, the cost to design graphics, when you add it all up and you see that as a result google has not decided that all your hard work is of low quality.

You want to say, as compared to what, a team of developers that get paid millions of dollars to develop a website?

Sadly we cannot all afford to have a million dollar budget and to advertise on google adwords, but even if we did would it do any good?

In an ecomony where the average website costs, around 150.00 per year to maintain, is there a place in the economy for that poor website owner to make a dime?

Perhaps there is and perhaps it is not with google that you should be looking for that traffic and profit.

More and more small business owners are moving away from the behemoth, that is not supporting organic traffic to small business owners, when you think about it that way you have to wonder if this particular type of move may end up costing google far more in consumer clout than they ever thought it would.

No one knows for sure how all this will likely end up, one thing for sure is that there are going to be some changes, hopefully those changes will give the small business market a leg up, that would be what I would want to do, because for the last four years, grey hatters, and black hatters have made millions off the back of a lazy search engine.

Perhaps its time for google to go after the real market that supplies 90 percent of the services to real people all over the US, that is the small business market.


How I update my website faster than you do..

One reason is just plain human, I am Lazy…

Using the right tools can make all the difference just as using the wrong tools can really hurt your online website efforts.  Many webmasters try to take the short cut instead of finding the right way to do the job.

Why the volume model is better but harder to develop. 

Volume can make you money online, however, how do you manage a lot of websites when it can take hours out of your day to update just a handful of websites.

Blogging can be fun but it can also be hard, it is not always easy to deliver fresh content day after day however, it is possible to update your existing content and improve your website and its articles.

Developing a website is all about keeping that website fresh and full of good content, do that and you will never fail to get great traffic.

We found that when you have several websites that updating your content takes a lot of time and effort, some of that effort was just wasted time, we noticed that there was an additional webpage load, that was taking place, and we thought why are we sitting here waiting for a page to load that we do not need.

The answer to that helped us create a new plugin, it is not the best plugin in the world but it helps us update many websites.

That is the key to keeping up to date and generating great content day after day.

have a look at this video to see the plugin in action.

Four things you should know

There are many more things that you should be aware of when
developing wordpress websites.
These four are important to your
wordpress websites success.

There are literally thousands of wordpress websites all competing for the same or some of the same niches.

1. Why your website must be different and unique.

2. What Pattern recognition software means to your websites success.

3. Updated content makes a huge difference to how your website is listed in the search engines.

4. Quality content and why it is the most over looked venue for bringing in new customers to your business.

Developing a website is not as easy as paying a small monthly fee for hosting or as easy as uploading a few HTML file or PHP file and clicking a few buttons, while it may seem that way when your looking at some advertising aimed at the non technical crowd, you might have seen that same advertising where they show you a nice website and say its easy and its only $4.95 per month, well yes, I suppose it is easy but it also does not work.

In the end if you purchase a $4.95 cent website, that is  what you will get a $4.95 cent website.

Lets talk about why your website must be different and unique not like thousands of other websites.

People want different, they want something that provides a great user experience, and they want something that others may not even know exists.

This is why your website should be different and unique because if people have a choice which one do you think they will choose, the millions of websites that all look the same or the few websites that make a unique presentation and provide a unique experience.

Pattern Recognition and what it can mean to your website.

What does pattern recognition have to do with how successful you website might become?

Simple, it is what drives many of the larger search engines, patterns are everywhere, everything you do and everything you see leaves behind a pattern.

That pattern is what Google looks at when it begins to decide how important your website should be in the search engines.