Essentials for becoming a professional blogger

Do you still believe in the Blogger’s Dream?

or do you just want to get your feet wet and start building a website?

Then you need to take steps to insure that you are making the right decisions.

you want to run your own website on your own server?

Did you know that it is within your grasp just follow some guidelines and you could find yourself in the drivers seat.

Staying at home and making big bucks by working for a couple of hours is what a lot of bloggers dream about, but in reality only a handful of bloggers actually succeed at it. So if you are thinking of getting rich quickly within a few months of working online, you might want to spend some time getting the real truth on the whole internet marketing scene. Most blogs and websites on the internet die very quickly just because of the plethora of junk information that reveals only a part of the story to webmasters. However, here is a list of all those things that you’ll require to become a professional blogger.

Content Management Software(CMS):

Word press software can be your most powerful ally.
A content management software is software that helps you manage the contents of your website. The most popular cms being used today is WordPress. It’s easy to use, it’s search engine friendly, and is much secure than other content management softwares available on the internet today. Its free to use and allows you to add functions to your blog by installing plugins.

Domain Name:

A lot of internet marketing blogs and websites will tell you that you don’t need to own a domain name of your own, but it’s very important that you get one. A keyword rich domain with wordpress installed on it will save you a lot of time, money and energy that you would spend on a free blog. You should be able to get a domain name for about $10 and a webhost for another $10.

Website templates:

If you are just starting out with internet marketing and blogging, avoid spending your money on website templates. That’s because there are several websites on the internet that will provide you niche specific website templates for free. So you can save your money for buying essential internet marketing softwares and wordpress software plug ins, instead of spending it on expensive web page designs.

WordPress Software Plug ings:

WordPress software plugins are pieces of codes written in php, that allow you to add extra features to your website. You can expect to find a wordpress plugin for almost anything and everything you need and it’s a one time investment that you should consider.

Article Writers:

Creating a good looking website is not enough, you’ll need a good article writer to update your blog frequently and keep the search engine spiders coming back for fresh content. You should be able to get a search engine optimized article written for just $10 or lesser. By hiring an article writer, you can pay attention to other areas of blogging such as search engine optimization, improving conversion ratios etc.

Search Engine Optimizers:

Targeted traffic is what you’ll need in order to succeed online. So the best way to gain targeted traffic is by gaining high rankings on search engines. Gaining high rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. can be a really daunting task at times, which is why it’s best to hire search engine optimizers to help you with the task. You should be able to find cheap workers from third-world countries to help you with the task.

Avoid spending your money on softwares that promise you high rankings because most of them fall flat on their claims and some even damage the credibility of your website.

wordpress developments

Content management is the number one most needed but most often

neglected service.

What can wordpress do for you?

WordPress is a CMS, or content management system

How do they work and why are they so often hard to understand.

There are so many CMS software solutions out there, you might imagine that it is difficult to
find one that is easy to use.

WordPress is one of the most versatile and scalable website platforms in existence.

It’s ease of use is unparalleled by almost anything (except perhaps a toaster), and it’s functionality can be expanded within seconds by installing plug-ins. In this article, we’re going to focus on what they are, and some examples of what they can do.

To begin, what exactly are plug-ins? In essence, they modify software by “plugging in” extra code. This code can do anything from automatically make posts, add extra pages, and on occasion even play annoying music that can’t be shut off. Most plug-ins run independently from the actual WordPress installation, running in parallel.

So, what kind of plug-ins can you get? Almost anything. Let me give you a little exercise – go into your WordPress admin panel. Click the plug-ins menu, then “Add New”. Think of something you want on your blog, and type it into the box. Hit enter, and look at the results. Chances are, somewhere on that list, there’s a plug-in to do exactly what you were looking for. There are plug-ins to increase your Google rank. There are plug-ins to automatically get rid of spam comments. The list is endless.

Some people, especially if new to WordPress, may miss some of the time saving features in the system. When you write a post, it automatically saves itself as a draft every 30 seconds or so. This means if you don’t post, and you accidentally close the window, the post is saved. In addition to this, let’s imagine you’re going on holiday, but you update your blog daily. Not a problem – on the post page, just above the “Publish” option, you can schedule a post to go live at a later time.

But what if you don’t actually want to write a post at all? WordPress comes in with a built-in “Syndication” feature – this basically means that it looks at websites you specify, and copies over interesting posts. You can even use some of the aforementioned plug-ins to filter these so you get specific content. What if you hate the way it looks? No problem, just head into the themes menu. Explore the hundreds of themes other people have made – it saves time on making your own, that’s for sure.

The only real way to find all of the features you need in WordPress is experimentation. Sure, you can read articles, ask friends, but the only true way to learn is by teaching yourself.

Developing your wordpress blog

Keeping up your skills and knowledge base is all about learning what you can do with wordpress.

When you first begin to develop a website using wordpress the first thing you should be doing is to do keyword research.

Did you know that almost 70 percent of all wordpress website operators and owners do not know how to setup a wordpress website.

Setting up your wordpress blog is a task not for the faint of heart.

Now you might want to read in detail about this subject because it is a deep one.

To get your blog up and running the right way it can take up to one week and several hours of work.

Keeping up with the technology super highway is not as hard as you once imagined, so we have to ask.

Why use an expensive under powered alternative when you can have it all at your finger tips…

If you are interested in using word press to generate and create a website you are not alone.

Word press is one of the most interesting and viable open source software solutions today.

Developing for word press is a very rewarding and fast paced industry, in fact there are millions of wordpress websites out there today and more every day.

The thing is and this is something you should be aware of, with the recent speculation concerning open office and oracle, some say that it may just be a matter of time before wordpress turns the tables on all the free loaders.

WordPress is a CMS and it is also much more, with plugins you can turn a wordpress blog into just about anything you want.

Membership websites.

Sales and Ecommerce websites.

Blogs and more.

One of the most important considerations is how you decide to manage your software and the type of server you want to use.

Designing that theme and graphics, along with article content is one of the most important things you can do.

Still there are so many things that go into successfully running a wordpress website.

Content is just one small part, but it is very important.
Developing content that is easy to read and valuable to the reader is perhaps the most important part of all.

wordpress websites

Building powerful internet software applications can be a challenge.

Building a website with infinite possibilities, means that you can create just about anything you want.

Perhaps you have heard that Google likes wordpress, well it is true, but have you ever thought about why that is?

Creating a great website using wordpress 3.0.3

With the enhanced menu features, and the additional options you can now create some amazing websites.

Running a word press website is more than just logging into the admin area once per week or two.

You actually have to do some work, or at least be willing to edit posts and create quality content.

It does take work, and that is something that many people just do not want to do much of, however, even if your lazy there are things you can do to make your word press experience a fun and profitable one.

How to develop websites using wordpress if you want to create a website using a CMS then

WordPress is definitely what you want to start off with.

Imagine for a moment that you want to create and generate a unique website that delivers great content and most of all is well liked by the search engines.

Here is the big deal that you will not hear from any of the Guru Garbage sellers out there.

You have to own and operate your own business in order to really be successful online have a look at just one of the methods that you can use to generate and make your websites more successful, but a fair warning, you must be awake in order to use this information.

Contrary to popular Guru Garbage company lies, you cannot do this while you are sleeping.

Warning do not operate heavy equipment while watching this video.

wordpress is one of the most powerful and creative CMS platforms available today.

Using wordpress as a publishing platform

Writing, Editing, Publishing…

WordPress as most of you will already know is a PHP MySQL AJAX publishing platform that is ahead of its time in many ways.

How will you publish and how will it work to improve your business.

Do you write articles or do you write blog posts?

Publish or perish, as the old saying goes,

Getting your writing into gear often involves more than a blank piece of paper.

CMS, or Content Management, System, is what wordpress started out as several years ago, in fact I was using wordpress when wordpress was not cool.  Over the years there have been many innovations added to wordpress in fact there are a lot of really interesting things that wordpress 3.0 can do today that many people are not even aware exist.

One of the most over looked features is custom menus, which can now merge many different types of content making it much easier to use and generate unique blends of content.

Publishing in the Web 2.5 world, well in case you have not noticed, the web 2.0 was an amazing success even if most people cannot agree on what that means, some say web2.0 was a look created by rounded graphics, and cool looking websites, other say that it was social networking, still others say it was all about programming that enabled all of the above.

One thing remains clear we are poised on the edge of the web 3.0 and what it is and what it will become is certainly going to be discussed and talked about over the next few months.

Publishing is what the web has always been about.

Publish or perish you may have heard that before and it is true, you either publish or you perish as a website and that is just the facts.

You cannot expect to gain readers over time using the same old content you have to increase your content in order to gain more visitors.

Word press is uniquely suited for that task and it is even better at it now.  Keeping up to date and publishing that content is perhaps one of the most important things you can do for your website.

So remember publish and update your content or you can expect your website to perish.

Content Mangement the art of managing quality content

Imagine what you could do with an unlimited supply of fresh content.

Keeping your website up to date and current, is a challenge however it can be done with some effort.

Writing is all about learning how to manage what you have and how to create new and interesting things using your imagination.

Want to learn how to use all that PLR you have but have just never had the time to properly develop?

Keeping your content up to date, is more than just typing a few words on the screen.

It is all about developing content in a meaningful way, over a period of  time you can develop not only great content but perfect, content.

Content is more than just a few words typed on a word processor, or software interface, words mean things.

It is amazing to me how much marginal content there is available online these days, if you are looking for good content, the best thing you can do for your self and your website, it to generate it yourself.

With all the different options out there for word press, sometimes it can be hard to figure out just what you want and more importantly what you need.

CMS, in case you may not know, stands for Content Management System…

Do you want to use word press but find that it is just too mentally challenging, I have personally interviewed several clients, concerning the interface and all of them told me that it was over whelming, all the buttons, all the settings, all the different places, it was just too much.

Do you find the maze of using a CMS hard, even difficult, Is learning wordpress a major task because it just seems so complex.

Do not feel bad, you are not alone, in fact, most people only use a small part of what wordpress can do, simply because it is just not user friendly.

Lets face it it is made by Geeks, and geeks do not go out of there way to be understandable, it is just the way their world works.

In the geek world knowledge is power, and lack of it is an indication of weekness.

Did you know that learning how to use wordpress is really as easy as learning how to use a remote control?

It may seem that way for many people have reference to how difficult all the features of wordpress is to use.

Content Management plus content generation, it is all about the world and how you live it.

Does content make the world or the world make the content?

In today’s fast-paced world we see more advertisements and media in a year than people 50 years ago saw in a lifetime. With internet collaboration tools such as Knowledge and Content Management Systems the average individual can review, revise, and assimilate information faster than ever before. That being said, what is a content management system (or, CMS)?

A CMS is essentially a software tool which allows a community of people to view, edit, and manage information. The ability to create lightning-fast modifications against raw information allows data to be refined into an absolute centered on perfection. provides an excellent example of this model. Information is created and refined.

This model applies to the business world as well. Content management allows people to create localized instances of knowledge or data (such as a project and associated documents) from which anybody on a given team may alter and update as needed. This promotes excellent collaboration and ultimately allows seamless communication amongst the group. Files and data can be exchanged within a matter of clicks (as can updates to said data). With a well-implemented Content Management System projects can be quickly accessed and worked upon.

How does the CMS model work on the internet? If you have ever used a blog or made modifications to a website, you have probably used some kind of content management system. At the end of the day, a CMS is simply a tool to help the process of knowledge-creation and modification. When writing a new blog post the Management System on the back-end of the server takes your article and converts it to a website. If you ever make changes to said data you never edit raw HTML code. You simply change the words that appear in your edit box. This is one possible way CMS can be utilized on the internet. It provides an easy to use interface from which additional knowledge (or posts) can be created and altered.

Content Management Systems are used often in the real world.

However, they provide a secondary use as well.

One factor in the CMS (content mangement system )

The idea was based around the concept that information had a life-cycle. It would expire. It would become obsolete. This life-cycle was observed and thus, the CMS was born. If you think about it: project specs change. Opinions are altered. Information is updated. There is a life-cycle which exists around content and knowledge. And with a CMS – we can help eliminate obsolete information in the pursuit of a refined and informed “current” version of any given information.

Content and Knowledge are about ideals and how to manage those ideas.

Management Systems are very useful.

They help us realize the flaws with information by incorporating a clever technological solution which endeavors to keep the average human up-to-speed with the real world.

CSM can be used in many models both professional and private.

With a good Content Management System we can ensure that information is current, community-based, and evolving. Information has a life-cycle and through the help of a CMS we can ensure data remains succinct and evolves into a more concentric data model.