Television Commercials

Do you watch TV or do you stare at the screen mesmerized?

Advertising and methods of writing go hand in hand
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How can you leverage the concepts of television advertising to help grow your business.

Since the time the first ever commercial to be aired on television of Bulova Watch Company in July 1, 1941 many categories of advertisements have been created over the years.

Advertisements have become a part and parcel of daily life and are playing a significant role in decision making of the consumers. Such has become the power of advertisement that even a politician cannot assure his success in election campaign in if he has not advertised on television.

The different categories of television advertising are political advertising, promotional advertising, infomercials, television commercial donuts, promo, and sponsorship.

Political advertising is nothing but reaching out to the citizens of a particular region to capture their vote bank. Its the most influential advertising method and is also very important as it affects the nation in a big way. The two main platforms to advertise for a political campaign are television and radio known as broadcast media. This also depends on the money raised through political campaigns. The earlier the money raised and the more the money raised, the better the method of advertising. Usually the candidates party committees contribute the money. To advertise through television specialized consultants are be contacted to buy slots on local or national network. It has been observed that even a candidate for local office position places an ad on television.

Promotional ads or product placement ads are commercials placed on television by marketers involving commercial products to increase their sales and services. Promotional ads can be featured on television, movies, music videos, books, websites and even video games. Good amount of money can be saved by consulting sales executives and by renting location, models and props.

Television commercials are popular with automobile industry and James Bond movies are credited for promoting them. Promotion of cigarettes or any other tobacco products in movies have always been a point of controversy as most of the State Governments have set up a limit for promotion of such items. Authenticity of the products and services being advertised are many times questioned by the consumer as some of them can be misleading. To tackle this, many consumer groups have been formed who ask for complete disclosure of the product from companies advertising them. In case of any refusal for cooperation of any kind these groups are liable to slam a case against the product and its company. The product ads can be differentiated on the basis of appearances like sponsorship, cost reduction oriented, brand integration and fee based. Sponsorship is the contribution by the company to soaps or sports matches. Brand integration is known as the annexing of the product in a movie or video song.

Infomercials are differentiated from other television advertisements on the basis of time. They are usually thirty minutes long like a regular program. They are also known as teleshopping or paid programming. One can catch them at odd hours of the day like early morning or late in the night. Its actually a commercial letting out the complete information about a particular product like expert advice on the product, how it should be used, its cost, and where it is available. They resemble more like a talk show than to a commercial as the advertisers communicate to viewers with the help of catchy phrases, celebrities and experts.

Television commercial donut is a template. Its like a blueprint and has all the necessary elements to make a finished commercial but the actual product is missing. Usually advertisers who find producing a commercial difficult use it. The local networks in return of purchase of airtime on their respective channels usually provide the commercial donut. It is a very cost effective method but it has a lack of creativity that will not ensure customer attraction. With the advancements in video editing technology this option is becoming increasingly popular among advertisers.

Promos or network promotional advertising involves television advertising. The amount of commercials that are being hosted on local and national television has been rising by the day and has featured almost everything one can imagine in the world.

Sponsoring a program or a channel is done to promote products or a program for a cause. The group or individual supports financially to advertise his product, service or organization.

India and its 35 dollar Tablet computer

Linux is the name of the new India game and this game may be well worth your time.

The idea that apple has still not released a Seed version of the 4.0 interface, is telling, because linux is way ahead of them in that

agenda, so what is apple doing and more importantly why are they wagging the tail.

Is apple loosing the tablet battle, some say yes, yes they could, if new features are not added soon…

Ol, Stevie boy, could end up with egg on his face.

Will India be the real winner, after all is said and done, some think it is possible, others, wonder, because of how well, allegedly strange jobs is, in his lofty throne.

Considering the amount of money Apple gets for its version of the tablet, one might expect to get a little more, however, Linux is not one of those things.

Linux now this is the deal of the day and guess what if you are prepared to develop apps for this new affordable tablet, you might end up with a real money maker.

Linux, appears to once again be in the top slot, for a cheap but effective tablet.

Yes, you heard correctly, a free operating system, and not one of those 300 hundred dollar operating systems, or even one hundred dollar operating systems, is up to bat, and it looks like a home run…

Ok, just when you thought that a 2500 car was pushing it, now we have a 35 buck ipad, like device, you know what I like this, in fact, If I could speak the language I might consider living there, but then again, perhaps not.

So what we have here, is a linux box, with an arm processor, perhaps not as fast or not as powerful as its ipad cousin, but versatile, yes, and not subject to apples rather restrictive and strange rules and regulations, you just never really know what is going to happen over at apple.

We would love to have an iphone, but we will not do business with ATT, because there is nothing that prevents att from not providing the best service, in fact the complaints are so numerous that you can find a unhappy ATT customer just about anywhere online, just google, ATT, sucks.

Hey, its not us,

Seriously, folks, this You can only use the iphone if you also use ATT, will fall by the wayside soon, because well it is not right.

It is a monopoly, remember MA bell, sure you do, well they are at it again, (shh allegedly)

Still, it may be a while before India catches up to apple, but at this price, why not try it out.