Repost plugin, now back to regular price.

Congradulations if you managed to get this great time saving plugin during the free preview, if not then were just plain sorry.

Ok, this is about it, we have given quite a few copies, so this is coming to an end.

Time is running out to grab your copy of repost at no cost.

Ok, you asked for this, and many of you have been wondering when we were going to release this plug in after months of telling you about it, well for Christmas we are going to give away, (for a very limited time) version one of the repost plugin, get it while you can because at this price, well you cant afford to miss out on it.

Repost Plugin

Notice we dont go for a lot of fanfare, but if you decide to share this with friends, well its ok, but remember its good for the next 24 hours only.

So get going, really you should go ahead and download it now, there will never be a better deal.