Adsense Class Action Against Google?

Have you been ripped off, (allegedly)

by Google?


Has Google Taken your money…

Google gone too far?

Has google gone too far in its push for better higher quality search results?

That may well be the case, of course I do believe some changes were called for however some of the changes seem to be a bit over the top.

For example I wanted to look up a product on using Google, I could have used bing, or some other search engine, there are a lot of them.

But you know how it is you just reach for the tool that is best and easiest to use, usually that is google.

However, things have changed, used to be if you just put in a few keywords you could easily find what you were looking for, sure there were a lot of unrelated search results, but hey as long as I could find what I was looking for without really getting frustrated or without using up too much of my own time in the process I am happy to take the easiest pathway to where I want to get to.

The thing is that I could not remember the name of this product, there was some block going on in my head and I just could not remember it I remembered the first name of the CEO, but not the website address, I remembered what the product was but not the name of the product.

So I ran over to my trusted friend Mr. or Ms. Google, depending on your preferred viewpoint and I ran a search using what I could remember of the product, and the name of the CEO,

(Nothing related to the product I was searching for)

Ok, back up and try again…

I tried to search for the general product category, then the name of the CEO, nothing. . .

Ok, now I am getting a little irritated and ready to look somewhere else.

I try for a third time and come up empty, now I am starting to wonder what is going on because I know this is a popular product and should not be that hard to discover using google.

But Now that I am getting frustrated with the user experience now I am starting to feel like the changes google made may not be putting me first, and I am the only reason that Google should be concerned with, (right) well ok probably not, but without people searching google for products they want to buy how long before the stock price of Goog starts to go down.

What I finally had to do was to go on my hard drive and find an email where I had communicated with the CEO and then I was able to get the product name, yes, I know but when you deal with hundreds of CEOs and thousands of products eventually you are bound to forget some details.

Still the issue remains, if consumers cannot find what they are looking for on Google, how long before the high stock prices that they have enjoyed for the past five years start to falter?

I understand the need to combat grey and black hat techniques but not at the expense of the consumer, that is just not a smart way to do business.   So here is hoping that google does the right thing here and develops a better way to present the best search results without interrupting the consumer experience.

Advertising how do you communicate?

Corporations spend millions of dollars every year simply because they do not communicate effectively with their customers.

While it may seem simple to us apparently the corporate mind is not currently able to comprehend the fact that taking the time to learn how to communicate to the customer base would in fact deliver the results they demand but fail to achieve.

Imagine for a moment if you could read the minds of your target audience.

Getting inside the head of your target audience is all about learning how to communicate.

Communication is difficult but not impossible.

Did you know that communication is a multi billion dollar business and that most websites have it totally wrong?

Communication problems account for millions of dollars in lost productivity in most corporations world wide.

When you think about it, you have to wonder, how can professionals not be able to effectively communicate all the time?

Communication is really all about what you want to say and how you want to say it.

Advertising is communication, knowing how to communicate with your target consumer is the only way you will ever make money online.

There are many different types of communication, advertising is a method of communicating with your target customer, the people you want to reach out to.  Take a look to the right side of this web page, you will notice a small space that is dedicated to which is a really great place to get exposure and some really good advertising.

Advertising is something that has been around for centuries, in fact in ancient Egypt, there are indications of advertising in many of the scrolls, that exist even today, imagine that an advisement, over 3000 years old, there are some things that we can learn from old advertisements, perhaps not Egyptian, advertising, but you can learn a lot from watching commercials on TV.

Effective communication, should do one of two things, persuade, the viewer to buy a product or take an action.

Taking action is one of the most imp0rtant things you can do when advertising.
Consumption, is the desired end result of most advertisers, repeat business is just one method of gaining that added consumption.

In the use of video there are distinct ways that you can advertise, using verbal, and non verbal communication, this can be done using images, as well as video, but it is particularly

Over the last few years, with the advent of video editing tools, there have been many methods used to influence how you view advertising.  Have you ever eaten a meal then sat in front of the TV, then after watching a commercial you think your hungry, even though you just got through eating.  You may be the victim of subliminal advertising, which some years ago was illegal in some states and in certain theaters, the use of subliminal advertising was considered as a form of mind control.

In some ways, subliminal advertising could in fact be somewhat like mind control, with the exception that usually a person will not do anything they would not be normally willing to do.

However, if your not careful you might be viewing subliminal and not even know its happening.

This is because subliminal advertising is not aimed at the conscious mind at all.

It is actually aimed at the subconscious mind.

Discovering what  the unconscious mind of the consumer thinks has been a topic of several very popular books very recently.

It has a lot of power and value in the advertising world, as an example, of this everything from the colors used in product branding to the shape and feel of the product are taken in consideration.

Social bonding has become a key word that holds some very interesting conceptions for the consumer and the advertiser alike.

The act of bonding with a product is something that is not new, in fact the older black and white commercials of the 1940s used some surprisingly effective advertising methods that are only now being fully researched.