Creating content

Since Google came out with the updated code of content and values, everything has changed.

Now you not only need backlinks, SEO content, and just about everything in between, you also need quantity and quality content.

Developing content for your website is all about being original and creative.

It is about using a method of creating the type of content that people want to consume.

There must be a thousand different methods of generating content however what content is really valuable to readers and more importantly what turns away website visitors, Google is trying to figure out those things but may not been as successful as you think.

There are a lot of content publishers that are running around asking how they can increase the value of the content they publish, the most popular (mistake) that these companies are making is ASSuming that Google is the consumer, this is just not true at all.

Google is a provider and publisher they are not the consumer at all.

The true consumer here is the people that use search engines to find the content they want to read.


This means that no matter how strict you try to make your content from spelling to grammar,
you will not increase your value to google or the readers of google by one percentage point.


Creating content that will be consumed, now that is what you really need to be looking into.